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Milk thistle is an annual or biennial herb, native to southern Europe and North Africa and other places in Europe and Africa have cultivated for thousands of years and the use of history, folk medicinal plants. Silymarin has been widely used as therapeutic agents of liver disease and cardiovascular disease.
Milk Thistle Extract Powder is a kind of light yellow fine powder extracted from Milk Thistle dried fruit.The main active ingredient of milk thistle extract powder is silymarin.
Milk thistle extract powder has a significant protective effect on liver injury caused by a variety of liver poisons, such as phalloidin, α-amanitin,Galn, carbon tetrachloride, thioacetamide and ethanol etc.
Silibinin, silymarin, silychristin in milk thistle extract powder have a stable biofilm cells and intracellular action,and they are a class of anti-viral activity substance for liver. In addition, milk thistle alcohol can promote bile secretion.
Silymarin has a stimulating effect on plant growth; the role of oxygen can strongly stimulate plant tissue; in vitro enzyme horseradish peroxidase noncompetitive inhibition.
Silibinin in milk thistle extract can promote the synthesis of RNA in the liver. Silymarin make fresh human red blood cell volume increases, and make it into a spherical shape with blunt teeth from a disc-shaped. Silibinin can be completely inhibited by systemic arterial hypotension induced increased vascular permeability and dextran.
There is a kind of very famous drug made in U.S.A-Silymarin also uses milk thistle extract powder as a kind of raw material and add other ingredients, such as turmeric root extract powder.