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Lycium ,or people call it as wolfberry or gogi berry, known throughout Asia as a magic herb for more than 600 years, has recently become popular worldwide for its unusually high vitamin and nutrient content. Native to the temperate and subtropical regions of China, Tibet and Mongolia this deciduous, woody perennial plant about 6.5 feet tall comes from the same family as the tomato, eggplant or potato. It produces small, bright red berries harvested in late summer by being shaken onto collection trays, as the fruit is very tender and could be spoiled otherwise.
The small and delicate goji berries are considered one of the most nutritious food ingredients and simultaneously, the world's most powerful natural foods with an exceptional level of vitamin C, amongst the highest in natural plants. Being a rich source of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, B1, B2, beta-carotene and other antioxidants and amino acids, the fruit is also a good source of essential fatty acids.

The berries, as well as the bark and leaves, are popularly used in Chinese and Asian traditional medicine to protect the liver, improve sexual function and fertility and to boost immunity, however they are best known for their ability to improve eyesight and extend longevity. Because of their remarkable healing properties, they are also used externally to treat burns, ulcers, bedsores and frostbites. Traditionally the fruit is eaten raw, brewed in a tea, added to soups or made into a liquid extract. It is said that goji berries, which are also sometimes called "happy berries" induce calmness and a sense of well-being, increasing the vitality and strength of the body. Due to their fragility the berries are distributed to other countries dried or as goji berry extract.