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Loquat Leaf Extract Powder


 Loquat leaf extract powder comes from dried leaves of loquat. Can be harvested throughout the year, tied into a small handle, and then dried. Efficacy and role of loquat loquat is bitter, acrid, cold; the lungs, heart and stomach. Remove heat from the lung and dissolve phlegm. Main Hyperactivity Tansou; Yin labor cough; coughing up blood; epistaxis; stomach vomit hiccup.

Loquat leaf extract has the effect of removing heat from the lung and dissolve phlegm. The loquat boils water are well known effect, but also the most widely used most widely. For in loquat contains a amygdalin nutrients in boiling process will produce a cough role hydrocyanic acid. If you feel uncomfortable throat, or cough is always bad, you can choose pick a few slices of fresh loquat boil water instead of tea drinking, can effectively relieve symptoms of cough or throat.

Loquat extract powder resistant bacteria, because it also retains efficacy against the virus after loquat boil water.
The experiments also demonstrated that loquat leaf extract has anti-inflammatory effects