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The specification of Purslane Extract  Powder that we can provide is 5:1,10:1,20:1 and so on. They are well in solubility. And we can also provide 5-20g free sample with freight collect or you can repay it. When you place a large order next time, we will deduct the shipping cost to your product cost.
 Purslane Extract is  extracted  Powder from the whole herb.The Purslane Extract Powder must be stored in a cool dry place and avoid sunlight directly. The shelf life is two years when sealed well.
 Pueslane Extract Powder can be applied to the field of Food and Medical Grade. Purslan Extract is used for beverage. They have the function of improving eyesight and maintaining the normal level of potassium.Used for medicine, Pruslane Extract can be used to cure diabetics because of the function of detoxification, anti-inflammatory, diuretic and swelling. Purslane Extract can be also used as veterinary drugs and pesticides