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Litchi Seed Extract


Litchi (lychee) is a sweet fruit, many people love it. Generally, we only eat the litchi fruit and throw away its seed. Is litchi seed no use at all? Not really, litchi seed could be used to manufacture litchi seed extract powder, which is a brown yellow powder. Litchi seed extract(lychee seed extract) could be as a functional food additive used in dietary supplements and as a additive in cosmetic products to skin care.

Applied in functional foods.
Litchi seed extract have the function of relieving pain. And People in Northern India have long used powdered litchi seeds for digestive disorders.It is also used to kill intestinal worms. It is also could promote the flow of qi and the subsidence of induration and to dispel.

Applied in skin care products.
Litchi seed extract has the function of inhibiting enzymes for the the degradation of collagen, elastin and Hyaluronic Acid, and maintaining the tension and moisture of the skin, preventing wrinkles. It also could anti-aging and decreases wrinkles and sagging. It prevents against UVB induced hyperpigmentation.