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Do you know kiwi fruit has high nutritional value?


    Kiwi fruit has high nutritional value, containing more than 10 amino acids, rich minerals, carotene and vitamins. The content of vitamin C is more than 100 mg, which is 5-10 times of citrus and 15-30 times of apple and other fruits. Therefore, kiwi fruit is known as "the king of fruit" in the world.

Kiwi fruit is a kind of special fruit. It tastes delicious, sweet and sour, refreshing and pleasant. Kiwi fruit is very rich in nutritional value, eating kiwi fruit can promote health.


Here are the effects of kiwi fruit extract:

1.Kiwi peel can reduce cholesterol

2.Kiwi fruit extract contains dietary fiber to promote digestion and absorption

3.Kiwi fruit extract can reduce blood lipid, inhibit the deposition of cholesterol in the inner wall of artery, prevent arteriosclerosis, improve myocardial function and prevent heart disease

4.Kiwi fruit extract can prevent cancer

5.Kiwi fruit extract can strengthen the body

6.Kiwi fruit extract can improve body activity, promote metabolism, coordinate body function and delay aging

Kiwi fruit is a good tonic for the elderly, children and people with many diseases. The nutritional value of kiwifruit is far more than other fruits. Therefore, we should eat more kiwi fruit, which is conducive to health.