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Kalanchoe Pinnata Extract 


 English name:Kalanchoe Pinnata Extract 

 Latin name: Bryophyllum pinnatum

Detection method: high performance liquid chromatography HPLC

Description: light yellow powder molecular formula: Cssl

Pharmacological Activity 

1.Heart health: Consume juice in the morning; it will improve the health of the heart.

2.Dysentery: Consume juice extract from the leaves with honey it will get you relief from dysentery.

3.Wounds: Take leaves and slightly warm the leaves crush them and tie on the wound, it will help to heal wound faster.

4.Fever: Consume the juice; the antipyretic property in the leaves will help to relieve fever symptoms.

5.Leucorrhoea: A women suffer from leucorrhoea disorder should consume the decoction of the leaves twice a day. It helps to delay the flow of blood within the blood vessels.

6.Mucous: Consume juice made from Stem as well as the leaves; take daily to rid the body of mucous and waste matter.

7.Swelling: Apply the paste made from leaves on the swelling; anti-inflammatory property in it will reduce it significantly.

8.Piles: Consume juice made from the extract of the leaves twice a day, it will help to get ridge from piles.

8.Grey hair: Applying juice on hair regularly can help to prevent the greying of hair; it will also make hair healthy.