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Instant Pu-erh Tea Extract--Water Soluble


Pu-erh Tea polyphenols is a safe & water-soluble polyphenol-compound extracted from Pu Erh Tea. It is good at resisting oxidation and eliminating free radicals. It is widely used in food, beverage, functional food,medicine, and cosmetics industries. Our instant pu-erh tea extract has very good water solubility with good taste and flavor which could be applied in beverages and food industry.

Q: What is the regular specification of Pu-erh Tea Extract?
A: Specification: 20%Polyphenols

Q: What is the test method of Pu-erh Tea Extract 20%Polyphenols?
A: UV-vis

Q: What is the function?
A: 1. Losing Weight.
2. Improving human immunity function;
3. Decreasing blood fat, controlling blood pressure and blood sugar;
4. Anti-cancer, anti-radiation;
5. Resisting oxidation, Delaying aging;

Q: How about shelf life?
A: 2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.

Q: Could you give me details of extraction and solvent type for andrographis paniculata?
A: Solvent Type: Water
We can offer you specification sheet and COA.