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Honeysuckle can be used to soak and drink


     Honeysuckle was the best preparation in cool drink.Honeysuckle tea, as a new type of health tea, has the effects of dredging meridians, activating collaterals, skin care and Cosmetology. It has obvious medicinal value and is often used as medicinal herbs.The following is the effect of honeysuckle tea.

1.clearing away heat and toxic material

In the book, it is recorded that honeysuckle has the function of calming Qi and clearing away heat and detoxification. In the hot summer, you can often drink honeysuckle tea, which can not only relieve the heat, but also improve the spirit and make the body feel refreshed.

2.Antibacterial and antiviral

Modern medical research has found that honeysuckle contains a kind of medicine which can effectively inhibit dysentery, typhoid fever, meningococci, pyoderma, Staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus and influenza virus, etc., which has a good therapeutic effect on various diseases of the body and makes the body more healthy.


After entering the body, honeysuckle can effectively promote the release of adrenal cortical hormone, which has a good inhibitory effect on various inflammation and swelling and pain. Therefore, if there is inflammation in the body, or to do a good job in preventing inflammation, you can take some honeysuckle water in an appropriate amount.

4.Enhance body immunity

Honeysuckle contains a substance that can well promote lymphocyte transformation, which can better enhance the phagocytic function of white blood cells, and the body's resistance will be better and better. In addition, modern medicine also found that regular use of Flos Lonicerae has a good prevention and treatment effect on a variety of cancers and tumors.

Honeysuckle can clear heat and detoxify, and it is used for treating throat pain with wind fever and cold. Summer with honeysuckle bubble water, can alleviate the headache of cold, throat pain and other symptoms. Honeysuckle with medlar, chrysanthemum tea, can raise liver bright eyes.