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What is Hesperidin?


What is Hesperidin?

Hesperidin is a plant chemical that is classified as a “bioflavonoid.”, which is found primarily in citrus fruits and has been wildly used in medicine. Hesperidin, alongside naringenin, are known as the main citrus flavonoids. Its aglycone form is called hesperetin. Its name is derived from the word "hesperidium", for fruit produced by citrus trees. Hesperidin was first isolated in 1828 by French chemist Lebreton from the white inner layer of citrus peels (mesocarp, albedo). The highest concentration of hesperidin can be found in the white parts and pulps of the citrus peels. Hesperidin can also be found in green vegetables.

Our hesperidin is mainly extracted from citrus aurantium, itsregular specificaiton of hesperidin powder are 95% and 98% which are gray powder or off-white powder.

Hesperidin alone, or in combination with other citrus bioflavonoids (diosmin, for example), is most often used for blood vessel conditions such as hemorrhoids,varicose veins, and poor circulation (venous stasis). Otherwise. It also has the funtion of treating lymphedema, a condition involving fluid retention that can be a complication of breast cancer surgery. Besides, It not only could reduce inflammation, but also could improve the health of capillaries by reducing the capillary permeability.