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Health care - Fo Ti Extract Powder


The Fo-ti grows in the mountains of Central and Southern China and is one of the most popular and powerful plants of traditional Chinese medicine. According to traditional Chinese medicine Fo ti extract powder is good for the kidneys, liver, stomach and brain, helping to prevent alzeimer and Parkinson's. Also lower high cholesterol and high blood pressure. This root extract provides energy and helps prevent premature aging by strengthening the kidneys and liver, blood detoxification and strengthening the muscles, tendons and bones.

Fo-ti extract powder is also used to stimulate sexuality and increase fertility, calm the nervous system and improve mental clarity and good humor, and preserve the hair and its color. It is rich in iron, zinc and antioxidants and stimulates the immune system, and pancreas.

Fo-Ti extract powder mildly stimulates the production of estrogen in women, thus being suitable for alleviating and treating a variety of undesired symptoms associated with menopause.

Traditionally it has also been recommended in cases of insomnia and nightmares.

It is traditionally a product of non-use raw but also may be used raw.
should not be used during pregnancy.
We can pack them into 125g/bag, 250g/bag, 500g/bag, 1kg/bag or according to our customer’s needs.