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What is the Funtion of Guava Leaves Extract Powder?


Guava is a tropical fruit with rich nutricient and good taste, loved by many consumers. How about guava leaves? It is no use at all? That’s totally wrong. Though the flesh of a guava fruit is highly beneficial, the leaves of a guava plant are just as very useful. Guava Leaves could remove tannins by boiling and dried as guava leaf tea, also it can be manufactured in the factory to be guava leaves extract powder.

Guava leaves extract powder has lots of benefits which mainly applied in pharmaceutical field and skin care hied.

Pharmaceutical field

When you have a cold and flu, you usually would have a sore throat and cough making you more weak. Guava leaves extract powder could be used in pharmaceutical filed to help relieve these syptoms and soothe a sore throat, which help you overcome faster. Guava leaves are rich in corase fiber which could help eliminate body’s wastes and be good for patient who suffers diabetes. It also could help lower down the cholesterol and blood pressure.

Skin care field

Not only pharmaceutical field, the Guava leaves extract powder also could be applied in skin care products. It has antioxidants such as Vitamins A, B and C, as well as potassium, that will assist in reducing signs of skin aging or wrinkles.