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The main active ingredient in green tea is polyphenols (green tea polyphenols, GTP).Green tea extract powder polyphenols is a polyhydroxy phenolic compounds with content of 20% to 30% in tea leaf. The catechines compound is its major component, accounting for about 65% ~ 80%. Years of drug trials and clinical practice shows that GTP has good benefit of anti-tumor, reducing blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol, the prevention of cardiovascular disease and anti-oxidation, and other pharmacological effects. In recent years, Green tea extract powder polyphenols has been widely applied to various medicines and foods, and its effectiveness --against cancer is more and more approved by the majority of experts.
1. Anti-ovarian cancer
In recent years, the research found that green tea extract powder polyphenols inhibit the growth of cancer cells without affecting normal cell growth. The researchers have observed green tea extract on human ovarian cancer cell line SKOV3 proliferation by MTT assay and SKOV3 cells’changes by optical microscopy morphological changes, and do so many other researches. Therefore, they found that the green tea extract powder polyphenols can effectively inhibit the growth SKOV3 cells. With further research, green tea can be a good way to enhance the survival rate of patients with ovarian cancer.
2. Anti-breast cancer
Breast cancer has become a lethal danger after ovarian cancer in woman, seriously affecting the health of them. Today, drinking tea to prevent of getting cancer is accepted and trusted by more and more people. By comparing the level of green tea extract powder polyphenols intervention trials in a variety of tumors found in the impact factor, 92% of the tumor model significantly inhibited in the GTP intervention group, and further confirms the GTP can stimulate the activity of factor by influence of tumor cells signal path, then slow down the development of tumor cells.
3. Anti-skin cancer
More and more studies show that green tea extract powder polyphenols through mitochondria-mediated cell death pathways induced apoptosis, thereby inhibiting the development of skin cancer. Researchers in mice experimental of skin cancer found that GTP effect on chemical control mechanism of skin cancer by inhibiting 7,12-dimethyl-benz anthracene (DMBA) to increase levels of p53 and apoptotic protein Bax, while inhibit the anti-apoptotic proteins, Bcl 2 and surviving which dependent on DMBA, thereby reducing cell skin cancer, delay the development of skin tumors.