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Kids, adults and old people are all fond of beverage. But carbonated drinks are harmful to people’s health. Because they only contain carbonated water, citric acid and other acidic substances, sugar, spices, and some contain caffeine, artificial colors, etc. They have no nutrients.
Fruit flavor powder contains many kinds of vitamins, minerals and fructose etc. And they are good for people’s health. These contents can help people to lose weight, lower blood pressure, defer decrepitude and so on.
The ingredients of Fruit Flavor Beverages are from all various fruit powder. And our fruit powder has been purchased by many beverage companies in EU and USA to make beverages and they give us a good feedback.
The most popular fruit powder are coco nut, banana, mango, pineapple, green apple, strawberry and orange. They are well soluble in water and taste well.
Here is a case from our customer:
One of his customers once loved carbonated drinks very much. He drank carbonated drinks everyday for about 10 months. When he went to hospital to accept body examines and found he had nephrolithiasis. And the doctor suggested that he shouldn’t drink carbonated drinks any more.
If he cannot give up the drinks, he had better drink some boiled water or fruit flavor drinks. Since then, he never drank carbonated drinks but drank Fruit flavor! And through some treatment and fruit flavor beverage, he looked very healthy.
Our fruit powder is 100% pure natural, no pollution, GMO Free and no additives. We can provide COA, Kosher, GMO Free certification and so on.
Do you pay attention to your health? If you do, please drink more fruit flavor beverage made from our fruit powder!!!! Let nutrients surround you!!!