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Dietary Supplements Polypodium leucatomos extract powder


Polypodium leucotomos extract comes from a tropical fern plant grown in Central and South America. Native Americans have used the plant extract for centuries for the treatment of inflammatory disorders and skin diseases. Recently, clinical research has shown that it has antioxidant and photoprotective properties and taken orally provides protection against the harmful effects of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and other sources.

Main Functions of Polypodium leucatomos extract powder:
1. It can increase the speed of the blood circulation, and increase the sweet secrete, it also has a little function of relive heat
2. It can restrain the bacillus diphtheriae and the bacillus dysenteriae
3. It can restrain the nacillus typhi, the pseudomonas aeraginosa and the much's bacillus which have been in the cetain form
4. It also have the obviously function of the inflation which caused by the acid
5. Clear heat, cure headache and cold.