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Dietary supplement Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder


Tribulus Terrestris is a desirable herb for athlete's. Because it is believed to increase the body's levers of testosterone, the herb is widely used to enhance muscle cell growth and boost bodily strengh. It is said to be the closest and strongest natural herbal alterrnative to synthetic hormones and believed to effectively treat sexual dysdunction and boost a slow sex drive.
In traditonal herbal medicine, the herb is also used to treat urinary disorders and lower blood pressure and cholesterol.

Main Functions of Tribulus Terrestris Extract Powder:
1. Tribulus terrestris extract powder have lower blood pressure, fall hematic fat, fight artery congee sclerosis, consenescence and strong effect. This tribulus terrestris powder of peroxide decomposition of the enzyme, has the obvious antiaging effect.
2. Tribulus terrestris extract powder can improve immunity.
3. Tribulus terrestris extract powder can be natural testosterone, increase strength and strong action to improve the overall competitive state, non-toxic side effects.