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Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder


Desmodium Adscendens is a kind of herb. Peopla dry them under the sun in summer and autumn.Then though a series of procedures, such as Raw Material → Immersion in water → Filtering → Purification → Concentration in Vacuum → Killing of Bacteria → Drying → Powder, people get Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder. Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder have many functions.
Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder can be used for apocatastasis and disintoxication, such as biting by a serpent. The wound will be swelling at once and some venom are in the wound. People in ancient times usually put a little powder on the wound to stop the spread of venom and ease the swell of the wound to win some time for them to go to hospital.
Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder can also used to cure menstruation irregularis and dysentery. Doctors usually make Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder into capsules or tablets. They can be taken at 1 pill or 1 tablet each time and three times a day. Generally speaking, each pill or tablet is made from 300mg Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder.
We can provide 5-20g Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder with freight collect for your test first.
Now, we can also customize Desmodium Adscendens pills and tablets for you according to your detailed requirements. The minimum quantity is around 25kg.