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Daisy Flower Extract-Skin Care


The daisy flower extract(bellis perennis extract) is a non-toxic extract of daisy flower and is commonly used to brighten the skin and prevent hyperpigmentation. The daisy flower extract has been shown to inhibit up to 50% tyrosine in the skin while preventing further hyperpigmentation. Daisy Flower Extract, as an effective and powerful alternative to hydroquinone, is safe for even the most sensitive skin types, even pregnant women could use it.

The daisy flower extract is rich in organic acids, especially tartaric acid and malic acid, which can effectively keep the skin shiny and remove the skin horny. The daisy flower extract provides an antiseptic property that removes bacteria from the surface of the skin and maintains its health..

Daisy flower extract have an extraordinary whitening effect. Daisy flower contains rich essential oils, chrysanthemum pigment, which could be used in beauty skin care products. Daisy flower extract can effectively inhibit skin melanin production, soften epidermal cells, to achieve a good whitening effect.It is becoming one of the main ingredients of whitening skin-care products. Daisy flower extract suitable for skin: melanin precipitation and dull skin. It has a more sigificant effect on the sensitive, erythema, dry, eczema, molting, scar and other skin.