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Coprinus comatus extract


Coprinus Comatus, is known as the Shaggy Mane or Lawyer's Wig for the appearance of the surface of the large, white caps. This is a delicious edible that often comes up in large groups. A related species (Coprinus atramentarius), the Inky Cap mushroom, is smaller, less attractive and also edible, but it contains a compound that interferes with the metabolism of alcohol and can cause a violent reaction if you consume alcohol after eating it.

Functions of  Coprinus Extract:

1. Anti-cancer activity .
2. Improve the immune system: (bronchitis and asthma, nasal allergies, herpes sexual diseases and HIV infection)
3. Car diovascular health: (high blood pressure and reduce platelet clumping) .
4. To protect liver function (chronic and acute hepatitis treatment) .
5. Support the nervous system.
6. Anti-aging.