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Coleus forskohlii Extract Powder



        Coleus forskohli is a perennial member of the mint, or Lamiaceae. It is now grown around the world as an ornamental plant. Forskolin is a chemical found in the coleus herb that activates the enzyme adenylate cyclase. Andenylate cyclase compound initiates a myriad of critical events and processes within all the cells of the human body. Adenylate cyclase and the chemicals it activates are responsible for executing a number of important hormonal processes. Stimulation that is caused by forskolin supposedly leads to blood vessel dilation, inhibition of allergic reactions, and possibly an increased secretion of thyroid hormone. Forskolin has other reported uses as well, including inhibition of the pro-inflammatory substance known as platelet-activating factor (PAF) 6 and inhibition of the spread of cancer cells.


The forsythia plant extract, the forskolin contained in the flower, is currently the strongest known adenylate cyclase activator and can directly activate adenylyl cyclase and improve various tissues. The concentration of cyclic adenosine in cells, which is involved in the regulation of a variety of cell functions, is also an indispensable part of the body's process of forming important hormones.

① Can lower blood pressure.

② Inhibition of allergic reactions.

③ Inhibits inflammation like that caused by platelet activating factor (PAF) 6 and inhibits the spread of cancer cells.