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Olive Leaf Extract for cosmetics antimicrobial activity


So far identified in olive leaves most active substance is oleuropein,
a kind of bitterness single quote attributed to saponins split iridoid class. Oleuropein and its hydrolysis products of the olive leaf antibacterial function, it has a unique significance.

Olive leaf contains mostly split and iridoid glycosides, flavonoids and its glycosides, flavonoids double its glycosides, tannins and other low molecular weight components, split iridoid class as the main active ingredient.

Olive leaf extract is mainly composed of iridoid bitter substances class, its highest activity is Oleuropein Oleuropein) and hydroxytyrosol (Hydroxytyrosol). Which are widely used in health care products and cosmetics.

Olive leaf extract - Applications

For the manufacture of therapeutic viruses, bacteria, protozoa, parasites and diseases caused by blood-sucking insects and other new drugs, new drugs and treatment of colds.

Healthy food
In Europe and other countries, mainly olive leaf extract as a dietary supplement, for regulating immunity.
Skin Care

High levels of oleuropein is mainly used for skin care products, can protect skin cells from UV damage, effectively maintain the skin soft and elastic, to help skin, skin rejuvenation effect. Microherb high content of oleuropein 80% of skin care products specifically for the design of its high active ingredients, light in color, very suitable for cosmetic formulation.

Olive leaf extract used in skin care products have protection - antioxidant and repair, as follows:
1, Protection - antioxidant effects - skin cells to maintain viability
2 Protection - antioxidant response
3, repair - promote collagen protein metabolism - promote collagen protein synthesis
4, anti-glycan reaction
5, anti - collagen enzymatically