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Capers fruit contains a lot of active ingredients, such as sugar and glycosides, flavonoids, alkaloids, volatile oil, fatty acids and so on. Caper extract powder is extracted from caper fruit. Caper Extract can be applied into the field of food, health product, cosmetics and pharmacy. Caper extract powder have many many functions.
Caper fruit extract powder can remove DPPH free radical. As is know to all that DPPH free radical, harmful compounds produced by oxidative reaction with strong oxidation, can damage the body's tissues and cells, thereby causing chronic diseases and aging effects. While caper extract powder can remove it and bring your body to life again.
Capers extract powder has a good effect of anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
Capers extract powder can play a role by reducing the content of GE, a kind of inflammation tissue.
Capers extract powder can also lower the blood sugar.Through some tests on rats, the result shows that caper extract powder has a good effect on lowering blood sugar.
We can provide 5-20g Desmodium Adscendens Extract Powder with freight collect for your test first.
Now, we can also customize Desmodium Adscendens pills and tablets for you according to your detailed requirements. The minimum quantity is around 25kg.