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Black tea extract powder theaflavins


Theaflavins is present in black tea in a golden yellow pigment, a tea fermentation product. In biochemistry, it is a class of polyphenols theaflavins hydroxy tropolone parallel with the material structure of tea. In plant extract powder, Theaflavins is extracted from black tea, and the regular specification is 30% and 40% HPLC. It is orange yellow fine powder, soluble in water, methanol, ethanol, acetone, butanol and ethyl acetate, insoluble in chloroform and benzene.

After clinical trials to test black tea extract powder theaflavins, it can regulate blood lipids and prevent cardiovascular disease without toxic side effects. This research report has been published in international medical journals JAMA.

Black tea extract powder theaflavins, knowned as “soft gold” of tea, has unique features of lower blood fat. It is not only can be combined with intestinal cholesterol to reduce the absorption of cholesterol in food,but also can also inhibit the body's own cholesterol synthesis.
However, the effect of black tea extract powder theaflavins not only just lower blood fat, it also has a great function if clearing fatty liver, alcoholic liver and cirrhosis.

Clearing fatty liver
Long-term high-fat diet can cause high blood fat and lot of fatty in the liver which causing fatty liver. And after taking black tea extract powder theaflavins, not only allow lipids gradually decreased, but also inhibited the absorption of fat in the body. Therefore theaflavins has unsurpassed function of clear fatty liver , without any side effects.

Prevent cirrhosis of liver
There are many types of cirrhosis of liver, and black tea extract powder theaflavins specifically refers to the prevention of cirrhosis of liver which converted from fatty liver and alcohol liver. Theaflavins has very strong antioxidant, so taking theaflavins oftern not only beneficial to reduce fatty liver and clear alcoholic liver, but also beneficial hepatoprotective and prevent cirrhosis.

Prevent Alcoholic Liver
When drinking alcohol, taking black tea extract powder theaflavins can effectively inhibit the absorption of high-fat, control lipid, reducing blood fat, accelerate the decomposition of fat metabolism and effectively removing of fatty liver. What’s more, theaflavins is very good antioxidants which can reduce and mitigate the alcohol damage on the liver.