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Black bean skin extract powder


Black bean (Glycine max (L.) Merri. ), also known as black soybean, small black bean, Wudou and so on, is black soybean seed legumes class. It is not only rich in protein, fat, amino acids and other nutrients, and also rich in isoflavones, polysaccharides, pigments and other active substances. Black bean skin extract powder is extracted from black beans’ skin. The active ingredients are anthocyanins; proanthocyanidins and anthocyanidins. Black beans anthocyanins is a powerful antioxidant extracted from black beans’ hull. The production process uses only water and ethanol to ensure the safety of the product.
Black bean skin extract powder anthocyanins is purple powder, soluble in water, ethanol. It would be turn to pink when it is in acidic solution, purple in the neutral solution, while turn to the dark blue in alkaline solution. In the food industry, black bean skin extract powder can be used as a pigment.
According to the food additives health standards (GB-2760-2007), it can be used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals icing, black bean skin extract powder also can be used for the preparation of wine (including wine, rice wine, etc.), drinks, candy and other common foods;

Benefit of Black Bean Skin Extract Powder
1) Antioxidant and anti-aging effects;
2) Reducing oxidase activity;
3) Inhibition of cholesterol absorption and reduce LDL cholesterol;
4) Anti-mutation, anti-tumor, anti-allergic, protecting the gastric mucosa and other functions;
5) Black beans skin extract powder can improve the body's absorption of iron and improve symptoms of anemia.