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What is the efficacy of bitter gourd?


 Bitter gourd, many people will spit out the vegetables because it is really too bitter. However, bitter gourd still has a large number of enthusiasts, can accept raw food, cooked and other ways to eat, which is mainly derived from the nutritional value of bitter gourd.


Nutritional value

1、Detoxification: bitter melon can vent your heart and remove toxins from the body. The best way to eat bitter gourd is to mix it. The salad can well retain the vitamins contained in the bitter gourd. If you use the method of sautéing, these vitamins will be lost in the process of sautéing, and the content of oil after sautéing is relatively high. People will consume more oil after eating, and it will not play a role in cooling and smashing.

2、Rejuvenation and skin rejuvenation: Eating bitter melon can enhance the vitality of the cortex and make the skin become tender and fit. Use fresh bitter gourd juice or decoction, on the liver and red eyes, stomach cramps, damp heat and dysentery, are all auxiliary food therapy; take fresh bitter gourd smashed externally, can treat bloated, hemorrhoids; summer children are susceptible to lice, will bitter melon slice test Rub the body's scorpion, you can heal it as soon as possible; bitter gourd boiled water or food, can dissipate heat.

3、Lowering blood sugar: The crude extract of bitter gourd contains similar insulin substances and has obvious hypoglycemic effect. Chinese medicine believes that bitter melon tastes bitter and cold, can clear heat, remove trouble, quench thirst; meat is sweet and salty, can clear heat and nourish yin, thirst and diuretic. The two are used together to clear away heat and nourish yin.

4、Nourishing blood and nourishing the liver: bitter gourd tastes bitter, life is cold, and cooked is warm. Raw food, clearing heat and purging fire, relieving heat and removing trouble; cooked food nourishing blood and nourishing the liver, moistening the spleen and kidney, can remove evil heat, relieve fatigue, clear heart and eyesight, benefit Qi and impotence. But eating bitter gourd should also be careful not to damage the spleen and lungs. Although the weather is hot in summer, people can't eat too much bitter food, and it is best to mix with spicy foods (such as pepper, pepper, onion, garlic), which can avoid bitterness and help to replenish the lungs.