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Beetroot Juice Powder is the Great Body Protector!


Beetroot is a great tasting vegetable that has extremely low GI and is high in soluble fiber which helps to reduce high blood cholesterol levels. Modern scientific research shows that beetroot is not only rich in nutritional value, but also a high medicinal value.
Beetroot Juice Powder have many good functions and effects for people, it is a great body protector. Beetroot powder contains the unique mineral compounds and special plant compounds, these compounds resistant to infection, increase cellular oxygen, treatment of blood diseases, liver and immune system dysfunction. In the ancient and traditional medical practices in the United Kingdom, beetroot is an important agent for treating blood disorders, known as the "root of life."
Beetroot juice powder also contains a considerable amount of magnesium, regulate the intensity and soften the hardening of blood vessels to prevent blood clots forming in blood vessels, high blood pressure have an important role.
Beetroot juice powder contains folic acid which is very good for human body. And and this element is also the prevention of anemia, one of the important material of the cell so that the normal development of the indispensable. According to the statistics, with the increasing development of science and technology, scientists also found a lot of new uses of folic acid, for example, according to a certain degree of anti-tumor effect, is a natural anti-cancer vitamin, and also to prevent high blood pressure, Alzheimer's disease, lower blood pressure.