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US medical experts found that often eat bananas to prevent high blood pressure, because the banana can provide more potassium can lower blood pressure, have resisted sodium boost and damage blood vessels. They also believe that people such as lack of potassium, will dizziness, weakness, and abnormal heart rhythms. Because bananas contain a variety of nutrients, and low amount of sodium, and cholesterol, both to supply the body after eating a variety of nutrients, it will not make people fat. Therefore, eat bananas will not only benefit the brain, nervous fatigue prevention, as well as the lungs and cough, to prevent constipation role.

Because more and more people pursue green and healthy lifestyle, the banana fruit powder industry has developed rapidly. Banana Fruit powder is made from fresh banana edible inner portion (Musa balbisiana), it is pure natural and safety fruit powder. The function of banana fruit powder is to prevent hypertension; to prevent fatigue, and longevity; to prevent gastric ulcer and to prevent constipation.

Antioxidants prevent or delay the oxidation of food, to improve stability and extend the shelf life of food substances. Fat-rich foods due to oxygen in the air, light, enzymes, metal ions such as being prone to oxidation and decomposition lead to quality deterioration, loss of nutritional value and flavor of the original, and even toxic substances. The results show that: banana fruit powder on lipid peroxidation of fats have good blocking effect, moreover, banana fruit powder and citric acid have a good synergy in lard, and in soybean oil, and synergy Vc than significant.