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Bamboo Leaf Extract Powder in Cosmetics


 As to cosmetic developing with more natural, green and ecological, cosmetics biological extract has get more and more development and utilization. It is reported that bamboo leaf extract powder has miraculous rejuvenation cosmetic results.
Bamboo leaf extract powder is mainly composed of flavonoids, phenolic acids, anthraquinone compounds and bioactive polysaccharides,coumarin lactones, specialty amino acids, aromatic ingredients and manganese, zinc, selenium and other trace elements.
The regular specification of bamboo leaf extract powder are 10% Flavones and 10:1 which are the brown yellow fine powder.
In the 1980s, studies have reported the extraction of food preservatives, fungicides and chlorophyll from bamboo leaves. Since the 1990s, people began to focus on the presence and biological activity of flavonoids in bamboo leaves. In 1998, Zhejiang University, drawing on a variety of domestic and international aspects of plant extracts on the basis of brass patented technology, combined with the presence of bamboo leaves flavonoids characteristics, developed a economic, practical and unique extraction process and won the national invention patents.
The research and development of bamboo leaf extract powder active ingredient plays an increasingly important role in the field of cosmetics.
Functions of bamboo leaf extract powder in cosmetic:
(1) It can tender skin, make skin more transparent.
(2) It has excellent anti-aging antioxidant capacity and restore the skin young state.
(3) It has an amazing ability to restore skin: the maximum extent diminish pigmentation, skin whitening.
(4) It can improve dry skin condition.
(5) It can tighten pores, and promote skin smooth and delicate.
(6) It is anti-inflammatory, to remove excess oil and acne.
China is rich in bamboo resources, making full use of resources to develop bamboo leaf extract powder and related products with good value for money.