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Do you know the effect of Auricularia auricula?


Auricularia auricula extract is rich in nutrition, is a natural blood vegetables, high iron content. Auricularia auricula extract has the functions of moistening lung, tonifying brain, hemostasis, promoting blood circulation, preventing cancer and nourishing face.

The polysaccharide in Auricularia auricula extract can decompose tumor, so it can improve human immunity and has good anti-cancer effect. And this polysaccharide also has the function of dredging blood vessels and removing cholesterol in blood vessels, so it can lower blood glucose, lower blood lipid, prevent thrombosis and prevent cerebrovascular disease. The crude fiber content of Auricularia auricula extract is more than 10 times of that of common food. It can absorb the dust and impurities in the human digestive system and discharge them out of the body. It is a powerful gastrointestinal food. The phospholipid in Auricularia auricula extract has nutritional effect on brain cells, so Auricularia auricula extract is a good brain food. Auricularia auricula extract also has the therapeutic effect of nourishing and moistening dryness, nourishing blood and stomach, so it is a health food for all kinds of modern civilized diseases such as hypertension, heart disease and cancer patients.

Auricularia auricula extract is rich in protein, and its protein content is comparable to that of animal food. In addition, the vitamin E content of Auricularia auricula extract is very high, which is a good product for whitening skin.