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Apple fruit is spherical, sweet, crisp taste and rich in nutrients. Apple, the solubility of nutrients is large, easily absorbed by the body, so it is called "Living Water", which facilitates dissolution of sulfur, making skin smooth and soft.
Apple Extract Powder is a kind of light yellow or brown yellow powder. They are organic and extracted by water/grain alcohol. There is no harm to human beings.The main ingredient is polyphenol. Apple extract powder polyphenol plays a role in antioxidation, eliminating the odors, keeping freshness, aroma and color, preventing the loss of vitamins and deterioration of food quality and so on. Therefore, apple extract powder polyphenol can be used for fish processing, meat processing, breads, pastries, grease, oily food and soft drinks manufacturing. They can also significantly improve the quality and shelf life of the products.
Because Apple extract powder polyphenols have a variety of healthy functions, such as the prevention of dental caries, the prevention of hypertension, prevention of allergic, anti-tumor; anti-mutation and hindering the absorption of ultraviolet and other physiological functions. They can be used in the field of health food and cosmetics manufacturing. Apple Extract powder polyphenols, as a health, functional food additive, its usage is only 50-500PPm, and have full effect.