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Apple Extract Polyphenols


Apple Extract Polyphenols
Latin Name:Malus pumila
Used part:Fruit
Regular Specificaiton: 75%Polyphenols;10:1
Appearance: Brown yellow powder

Apple Extract Polyphenols is extracted from immature apple fruit, it is wildly popular used in health food and cosmetic field.

Apple polyphenols have antioxidant effect, deodorizing effect, preservation, preserving flavor, color and prevent vitamin loss and other effects, which can prevent food deterioration. Therefore, it can be used for fish processing, meat processing, breads, pastries, grease, soft drinks and other food and oil processing and manufacturing, which can significantly improve their product quality and shelf life.

Because Apple polyphenols with a variety of health functions, such as the prevention of dental caries, the prevention of hypertension, to prevent allergic reactions, anti-tumor; anti-mutation, blocking ultraviolet radiation absorption and other physiological functions, it can be used in health foods and cosmetics manufacturing. Apple polyphenol as a health, functional food additive, the amount used only 50-500PPm, to have full effect.