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Anti-cancer--Black Garlic Extract


Black garlic(Allium Sativum), also known as fermented black garlic, it is use fresh garlic with skin fermented for 60-90days in the box. Black garlic has a high content of trace elements with sweet and sour taste, and it is totally no garlic odor. It has antioxidant and anti-cancer effect. It is one of the best anti-cancer food.

Black garlic extract are produced by fermenting garlic under controlled conditions at a specific temperature and relative humidity without using additives.

Fermented garlic cloves are black and emit an odor specific to garlic; however, they possess remarkable characteristics of sweet taste similar to that of prunes, and no unpleasant garlic odor remains on the breath after consumption. Moreover, the fermenting process greatly improves the antioxidant properties, anti-tumor action, anti-fatigue and the anti poor blood circulation effect of garlic.

1.The content of polyphenol is significantly increased, which is effective for inhibiting oxidation. Its antioxidant capability is significantly increased, 10 times higher than that of raw garlic, while the essential effectiveness of garlic is not reduced. 
2. Anti-cancers and anti-tumor; inhibiting cholesterol, improving arterial sclerosis, preventing heart diseases and alzheimers disease, etc.
3. Black garlic extract can also promote gastrointestinal effects, eliminate cases of menopausal loss of appetite.
4. Black garlic extract also has the function of anti-aging and delay menopause.