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About Lovage Extract Powder, Something You Have to Know


      Lovage Extract Powder is extratewd from the raw material Lovage root. Lovage root contains alkaloids (such as TMP), volatile oil (mainly ligustilide internal fat, fragrant risotto ene, etc.), phenolic compounds (eg ferulic acid), visfatin and vitamin A, folic acid, sucrose, sterols, fat oil.

      Relieving pain and promoting bolld circulation. Lovage Extract Powder is widely used. They are mainly used in curing sternocostal pain, rheumatism pain, blood block and injured pain. Lovage Extract Powder can also be used for disorderly menstrual period, dysmenorrhea and abdominal cramps after the birth of a baby.

      Healing headache. Lovage Extract Powder can be also used for headache which is caused by catarrh and the gale.

      Effects on the central nervous system. Levisticum Officinale Extract has an absolute effect on calm. They can also inhibit brain activity and make medullary respiratory center, and brain vasomotor reflex center feel excited.

      Effets on heart. The study found that Lovage Extract Powder has enhanced the role of blood circulation, can make the animal heart rate, myocardial contractility enhanced vasodilation. Moreover, Lovage Extract Powder has significant effects against acute myocardial ischemia and hypoxia caused by pi.

      Stimulating uterine contractions. Lovage Extract Powder, minute quantity can stimulate uterine contractions to increased tension, contraction increased, and eventually become contracture; on the contrary, large quantity will palsy the uterus to stop contraction.