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About Agaricus Blazei Extract Powder, Something You Have to Know


Agaricus Blazei is a kind of mushroom without any poisonous material. The main active ingredient Polysaccharides is from Agaricus Blazei Extract Powder. The poplar specification of Agaricus Blazei extract is 30%Polysaccharides, 40%Polysaccharides and 50%Polysaccharides.
Agaricus blazei extract powder may all over improve health and the quality of human life. The mushroom has traditionally been used against various illnesses, ranging from physical and emotional stress, diabetes, high cholesterol and circulatory problems, osteoporosis, peptic ulcer and indigestion, to chronic hepatitis and cancer.
According to a clinical cancer study that took place in South Korea in 2004, Agaricus blazei extract has improved the quality of life in patients on a high dose of chemotherapy.
As shown in a scientific review, the difference in Agaricus blazei extract subtypes, cultivation and processing can affect the mushroom's ability to impact cells of the immune system for protection against life-threatening diseases like bacterial sepsis.
Consequently, the quality of the Agaricus blazei extract is directly related to the improvement of a human's health and quality of life. Since Agaricus blazei extract affects the general innate immune system
Agaricus blazei extract powder is brown fine powder and the water solubility is wee. They can also be made into capsules and tablets. They can be customized according to clients’ needs, such as 500mg/ capsule and 100 capsules each bottle; 1 capsule per time and three times per day.