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A Powerful Natural Purifier - Burdock Root Extract Powder


 The Burdock is a well known and widespread plant that has been used as food and medicine for centuries. It is also called "the poor man's potatoes" and has green leaves and large purple thistle flowers, which have a tendency to pick up everything. This is the way the plant spread their seeds when in contact with the feathers or skin of an animal.
In Japan, burdock is grown because of its roots which are commonly used in Japanese cuisine. The root has a sweet taste and has many nutritional properties, is rich in vitamins, minerals including iron and antioxidants. The burdock root also contains inulin, a dietary natural fiber that acts as a prebiotic and helps digestion. It is the root of the plant that is most commonly used in phytotherapy as a natural remedy, and may be purchased as a whole root or powder, tincture or capsules.
The main medicinal use of burdock root extract powder is as a blood purifier. In herbal medicine, burdock root extract is considered one of the best known purifying blood, and also for its medicinal properties known to help the body detoxify, helping to bring the impurities out of the body without side effects.
Burdock root extract has a positive effect on the liver and gallbladder, and in folk medicine the burdock powder has been used to treat digestive disorders, sore throats, colds and skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and acne. Moreover, burdock root extract can help relieve joint pain, and have a diuretic that can help rid the body of excess water.