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30% Polysaccharides Auricularia auricula Extract Powder


Auricularia auricula is commonly known as Judas's ear fungus or Jew's Ear. It has been used for centuries in China, particularly to cure hemorrhoids and strengthen the body. Sometimes it is also used to treat hemoptysis, angina, diarrhea, and ward against gastrointestinal upset. Auricularia Auricula is not only born full term the elegant demeanor for the cooked food, but also can raise the blood to be stationed in the face, recovers from an illness and live a long life. The modern nutritionist highly praises the auricularia auricula is in the element meat, its nutritional value may compare favorably with animalistic food.
Main Functions of Auricularia auricula Extract Powder:
1. hypolipemic, antithrombosis.
2. enhance immunity.
3. protect the tissues from damaging, anti-aging.
4. improve myocardial anoxia, anticoagulant activity, treatment for hemoptysis angina diarrhea, reduce blood sugar,
5. anti-ulcer, anti-radiation