tremella fuciformis extract

  • Product name: Tremella Fuciformis Extract
  • Botanical name: Tremella fuciformis
  • Part used: Mushroom, fruiting body
  • Active ingredients: Polysaccharides

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Product describtion
Tremella fuciformis,  known as snow fungus, silver ear fungus, and white jelly mushroom, is a species of fungus and has white, frond-like, gelatinous basidiocarps (fruiting bodies). Tremella fuciformis fungus is one of the most popular fungi in the cuisine and medicine of China. 
In Chinese cuisine, tremella fuciformis is traditionally used in sweet dishes. While tasteless, it is valued for its gelatinous texture as well as its supposed medicinal benefits. It is used as a component of a drink and as an ice cream. Tremella fuciformis is used as a beauty product by women, it can increase moisture retention in the skin and prevent senile degradation of micro-blood vessels in the skin, reduce wrinkles and smooth fine lines. 
Tremella fuciformis extract  is a soluble polysaccharides, Tremella fuciformis polysaccharides shows wide-ranging anti-ageing properties as well as potential for use alongside conventional treatment.
1. Has cosmetic effect;
2. Enhance immunity;
3. Anti-fatigue;
4. Strengthen hematopoietic function;
5. Large stock & free sample.
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