sweet tea extract

  • Product name: Sweet Tea Extract
  • Botanical name: Rubus suavissimus
  • Part used: Leaf
  • Active ingredients: Rubusosides

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  • sweet tea
  • rubus suavissimus
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Product describtion
Sweet tea (Rubus suavissimus S.Lee), known as Chinese Blackberry Tea, so named for its leaves taste sweet, sweet tea has a long history in daily uses in Guang Xi province of China.
Sweet tea Extract Rubusosides is a fine white soluble water powder. Rubusosides is a natural sweetener composed of steviol and glucoside, low in calories but high sweet, 300 times than sucrose,help to treatment for fat caused by overdose of sugar and other disease caused from this,such as high blood pressure,diabetes,blood vessel problems,kidney weak,etc.
1. As a natural sweetener;
2. Lower blood pressure;
3. Adjuvant treat diabetes;
4. Pure natural & food grade.
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