Saxifraga Extract

  • Product name: Saxifraga Extract
  • Latin name: Saxifraga sarmentosa
  • Part used: Herb
  • Specification: 98%Bergenin

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  • Saxifraga Extract
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Product describtion
Saxifrage, (genus Saxifraga), also called rockfoil, any of a genus of flowering plants, of the family Saxifragaceae, native in temperate, subarctic, and alpine areas. About 300 species have been identified. Many of them are valued as rock-garden subjects, and some are grown in garden borders. As a group they are notable for their small bright flowers and fine-textured foliage. Alpine species are the earliest to flower in gardens.

1.Dispel wind, clear heat, cool blood and detoxify.

2.Cure rubella and eczema.

3.Treatment of otitis media, erysipelas.

4.Good for coughing and vomiting blood, lung carbuncle, metrorrhagia, hemorrhoids

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