polyporus umbellatus extract

  • Product name: Polyporus Umbellatus Extract(Umbrella Polypore Extract)
  • Botanical name: Polyporus umbellatus
  • Part used: Sclerotium, mushroom(fungus,fungi)
  • Active ingredients: 30%Polysaccharides
  • Common name: Zhu Ling (sclerotium);Chorei Maitake (fruiting body)

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  • polyporus umbellatus sclerotium Extract
  • zhu ling extract
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Product describtion
Polyporus umbellatus is a rare, edible mushroom, and it is similar to Grifola frondosa.,It is also called Zhuling,Lumpy Bracket and Umbrella Polypore.
Polyporus umbellatus also is a traditional Chinese medicine. It’s mainly compositions contain ergosterol, polysaccharide, protein, etc. In ancient medicine, Polyporus umbellatus was used to cure edema and had a high effect. If polyporus umbellatus extract is used for a long time, it can makes one feel happy and vigorous and look younger.
Polyporus umbellatus extract Polysaccharides has been widely used in health food, functional food, pharmaceutical.

1. Cure edema

2. Keep younger;

3. Anticancer;

4. Anti-inflammatory;

5. Hepatoprotective properties;
6. Free sample and large stock.

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