pine bark extract

  • Product name: Pine Bark Extract
  • Botanical name: Pinus massoniana L.
  • Part used: Bark
  • Active ingredients: OPC,proanthocyanidins

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  • pine bark
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Product describtion
Pine Bark Extract is extracted from Pinus massoniana bark, Pinus pinaster bark, it is pure natural and safety. 
Its active ingredients is proanthocyanidins(OPC). OPC are one class of flavonoid polyphenol phytonutrients that have proven to be effective antioxidative agents. 
pine bark extract is believed to improve general immune system functioning and to enhance whole-body circulatory efficiency. Clinical evidence shows Pine Bark Extract to decrease risks of developing various cardiovascular diseases and conditions, and to decrease human mortality in general.  
1. Anti-oxidant in multi-system ;
2. Anti-inflammatory properties;
3. Anti-aging properties;
4. Enhance and help the immune system;
5. Free sample, GMO free, in stock, pure natural.
6. SSW, Vitafoods, CPHI shanghai
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