phellinus linteus extract

  • Product name: Phellinus Linteus extract
  • Botanical name: Phellinus linteus
  • Part used: Mushroom,mycelium
  • Active ingredients: 20%, 30%Polysaccharides; triterpenoides

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Product describtion
Meshima (Phellinus linteus) is a medicinal mushroom used in China for centuries to prevent ailments as diverse as gastroenteric dysfunction, diarrhea, haemorrhage and cancers.
Meshima’s color ranges from dark brown to black.
Some research has suggested that Phellinus linteus Extract Powder can help to maintain healthy breast cells. 
According a paper published by Harvard Medical School reported that Phellinus linteus Extract powder is a promising anti-cancer agent, but that more research is required to understand the mechanisms behind its anti-cancer activity.

1. Enhancing human immunity;
2. Anti-inflammatory;
3. Suppressing tumor growth and metastasis;
4. Wild, Pure natural, Free sample, large stock;
5. Food grade, Kosher, Halal, Certificate of origin, etc.

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