Macleaya Cordata Extract

  • Product name: Macleaya cordata extract
  • Botanical name: Macleaya cordata
  • Part used: Stem
  • Active ingredients : Alkaloids, Sanguinarine, Chelerythrine

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  • Macleaya cordata extract powder Sanguinarine
  • Macleaya cordata
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Product describtion
Macleaya Cordata Extract
Specification: 40-95% sanguinarine 
Test Method: HPLC
Apearance: Fine yellow powder  

Macleaya cordata extract is the feed additive variety published in China, sanguinarine can be widely used in veterinary medicine, feed additives, medicine and cosmetics. 
Macleaya cordata extract sanguinarine has been widely used in veterinary medicine in Europe and the North American.

1. Used in veterinary medicine;
2. Used in feed additive;
3. Used in food supplement;
4. Used in health care material.
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