luo han guo extract

  • Product name: Momordica Grosvenori Extract (Luo Han Guo Extract)
  • Botanical name: momordica grosvenori
  • Part used: Fruit
  • Active ingredients: Mogrosides 10-90%, Mogrosides V 10-90%

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  • momordica grosvenori
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  • Luo han kuo
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Product describtion

Momordica grosvenori is often called in English language publications luo han guo or lo han kuo (from the Chinese luóhàn guǒ 罗汉果/ 羅漢果). It may also be called la han qua (from Vietnamese la hán quả), arhat fruit, Buddha fruit, monk fruit, or longevity fruit (although this name has been used for several other fruits).
Momordica grosvenori is a perennial plant, mainly cultivated in northern Guangxi province of China mainland. Luo Han Guo extract can be used as treatment of colds, the lungs and medication. It could be also be applied in beverage field as juice or sweeteners. Luo Han Guo extract is great for weight loss, completely natural, and anyone who wants to significantly improve their diet!

1. Luo Han Kuo Powder use for sweetener;
2. Luo Han Guo Extract can be used for weight loss;
3. Momordica Grosvenori Extract can Lower blood sugar and ideal for diabetics;
4. Momordica Extract is beneficial to skin with its function of antioxidative;
5. Momordica Powder can treat for colds, sore throat, tonsillitis, acute gastritis and constipation.

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