Luo Han Guo Extract Powder

  • Product name: Luo Han Guo Extract Powder
  • Botanical name: Momordica grosvenori
  • Part used: Fruit
  • Specification: 10%~98% Mogrosides ,10%~50%Mogroside V
  • Active ingredients: Mogroside V Mogrosides

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  • Luo Han Guo Extract Powder
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Product describtion
Luo Han Guo , also called monk fruit, which refers to the fruit of S. grosvenori, a perennial, dioecious, herbaceous climbing vine, 2 to 5 m in length. The round, green fruit turns brown when dried and is covered with small hairs.
Luo Han Guo Extract Mogroside is used as a tea for immediate relief of discomfort. In southern China, monk fruit extract is popularly considered a longevity aid and is used to balance heat buildup caused by internal conditions, life-forces, or external heat. monk fruit is used as an expectorant and antitussive to treat lung congestion, cough, other respiratory ailments, and sore throat. Monk fruit extract also is used for constipation and chronic enteritis. Monk fruit extract is a low caloric, low glycemic food used as a sweetener in beverages and cooked food.
 1.Luo han guo has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for colds,coughs, sore throats, gastrointestinal disorder, as well as a blood purifier. 


2.Easily soluble in water without any sediment. The Extract contains 80% or greater Mogroside. Mogroside is 300 times sweeter than cane sugar and low in calories. It is a stable, non-fermentable additive ideal for Diabetics.


3.Contains high amounts of amino acids, fructose, vitamins and minerals. It is also used in traditional Chinese cooking for flavor and nutrition. It is a versatile natural sweetener,suited to replace artificial sweeteners such as aspartame. Works well in beverages, baked foods, nutritional foods, diet foods or any food product that requires either a low to no carbohydrate sweetener or low to no calories. Cooking or baking does not affect the flavor or sweetness of it.

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