kava kava extract

  • Product name: Kava Kava Extract, Kava Extract
  • Botanical name: Piper methysticum
  • Part used: Root
  • Active ingredients: Kavalactones

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  • kava kava
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Product describtion
Kava (Piper methysticum) is an ancient crop of the South Pacific. Kava Extract ( Kavalactones, Root) has been used by indigenous people as an intoxicating traditional beverage since ancient times.
Kava beverage have been marketed since the 1980s, especially in Europe and North America to manage mild anxiety, tension, and restlessness. Kava Extract kavalactones have the ability to improve mood by increasing dopamine levels. 
Safety concerns have been raised over liver toxicity largely due to the use of stems and leaves by supplement makers, as opposed to solely the root of the plant as dictated by traditional uses.
1. Relieves mild to moderate depression;
2. Relieves insomnia and promotes sleep; 
3. Mental support;
4. Analgesic and spasmolytic;
5. Neuroprotective.
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