hericium extract

  • Product name: hericium extract
  • Botanical name: Hericium erinaceus
  • Active ingredients: Polysacchrides

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Product describtion
Hericium erinaceus is a choice edible when young, and the texture of the cooked mushroom is often compared to seafood. It often appears in Chinese vegetarian cuisine to replace pork or lamb.
In traditional Chinese medicine,hericium erinaceus mushroom has long been considered a medicinal mushroom, some ingredients have been found,eg: threitol, D-arabinitol, and palmitic acid, they may have antioxidant effects, may regulate blood lipid levels and may reduce blood glucose levels.
1. Anti-cancer;
2. Anti-tioxidant;
3. Anti-dementia;
4. Regulate blood lipid levels and may reduce blood;
5. Large stock, free sample, food grade.
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