green tea l-theanine

  • Product name: Green Tea L-theanine
  • Botanical name: Camellia sinensis O.Ktze
  • Part used: Leaf
  • Active ingredients: L-theanine HPLC 20%,30%

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  • Green Tea L-theanine
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Product describtion
Green Tea L-theanine is extracted from green tea(Camellia sinensis).
Natural L-theanine is a unique amino acid found almost exclusively in tea plants.
Early in 1985, America Food and Drugs Administration has certificated that L-theanine is Generally Recognized as Safe(GRAS). and It hasn’t limited the dosage.

1. Mitigating stress and anxiety
2. Preventing parkinson’s disease;
3. Alleviating PMS(premenstrual syndrome)Symptoms in Women;
4. Improving learning ability and memory;
5. Enhancing the efficacy of anti-cancer drugs;
6. Food grade, pure natural, free sample.
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