cordyceps Extract

  • Product name: cordyceps extract
  • Botanical name: Cordyceps sinensis
  • Part used: Mycelium
  • Active ingredients: Polysacchrides,cordyceps acid,adenosine,mannitol,cordycepin

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Product describtion
Cordyceps sinensis is one of the most famous Chinese traditional medicine.
Cordyceps sinensis is considered a medicinal mushroom that increases energy, stimulates the immune system, and acts as an overall tonic to the body,improved sexual drive and virility and improved renal function. some polysaccharide components and cordycepin, which have some anticancer activity.
Currently,cordyceps fruiting body is only wild,and it cannot be artificially propagated, so the raw materials is artificially propagated mycelium.

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1. Cordyceps extract have anticancer activity;
2. Cordyceps extract can improve renal function;
3. Cordyceps extract can improve sexual drive and virility;
4. Cordyceps extract can increases energy & stimulates the immune system;
5. In stock & free sample;
6. Kosher, Halal, FDA registration, etc.

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