Coix Seed Extract

  • Product name: Coix Seed Extract
  • Botanical name: Coix lacryma-jobi
  • Other name: Semen Coicis Extract
  • Part used: Seed
  • Specification: 10:1

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  • Coix Seed Extract
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Product describtion
Coix seed is mild cold in nature, sweet and bland in flavor, and mainly manifests its therapeutic actions in the spleen and stomach and lung meridians.Coix seed can promote body fluids redistribution, expel dampness, invigorate spleen, stop diarrhea, eliminate pain and swelling in limbs, clear heat and facilitate pus drainage.

1. Strengthening the immune system;

2. Hypoglycemic;

3. Inhibit tumor;

4. To improve the sleep;

5. Chinese medicine thought to spleen Shenshi, in addition to Bi diarrhea, heat-removing the abscess, for edema, beriberi, negative urine, wet Bi Ju Luan, spleen deficiency diarrhea, lung carbuncle, appendicitis; flat wart.

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